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Bookkeeping is an essential and often overlooked aspect of a successful small business. In order to have an organized business plan and consistent profitability, a well planned bookkeeping system is essential.

Often times a small business owner will overlook the additional costs, such as employee benefits, additional payroll taxes, recruiting & training, etc. that are associated with a full or part time bookkeeper. Outsourcing your bookkeeping, payroll and administrative tasks with Bookkeeping Advantage will save you time & money by eliminating that time consuming & costly overhead to your business.

If you are one of the many small business owners who says "I do my own bookkeeping", just think of all the time you can have free to run your business and the money you will save at tax time by handing your accountant a well organized set of books for your tax preparation.

Our bookkeeping staff utilizes the most widely used software on the market today, QuickBooks, Quicken, Master Builder, & Peachtree. We will set up your bookkeeping system specialized for your line of work. We have extensive experience in the Construction Industry, Day Care Facilities, Attorneys, Beauty Salons, Moving Companies, Financial Institutions, Non-Profit Organizations and many others. Contact us today and reduce the time and energy you spend on doing your own books after a long day of operation, and be free to do what you do best...




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